"Hard Work Changes Things..."

                                                ...Coach Joe Bill Dixon

Judy Dixon


In the fall of 2013 the Dixon family lost their beloved Wife, Mother, and family member Judy.  Judy lost her long battle with cancer on September 25.  Judy Dixon was a key element in the Dixon Running Camps since the camps began in 1990. Her role in the camps covered many areas from bookkeeper and business manger to meal preparation and registration. Judy, before retiring to care for her grandchildren, worked for over 20 years in medical administration.


Judy and Joe Bill were married since 1971 and raised two sons together.  They built a family that is based on love for God, love for family, and love for others. Judy was never one to enjoy the spotlight or strive for attention from others, however she was a big part of the reason Coach Joe Bill Dixon is the man he is today and that the Wilderness Running Camps are a success.


Words cannot describe what Judy meant to her family and the people around her.  However, both her daughter-in-law Jaimie and son Chad wrote excellent tributes to her shortly after her passing.  Excerpts from each of these is included below.


From Judy's obituary: In the words of her family, “Judy was one of the most selfless people we have ever had the privilege of knowing. We were so blessed that God gave us such a wonderful example. Things just will not be the same without her in our home and in our church home. She wasn’t a loud person who drew attention to herself, but everyone knew about her through her kindness and love. She was steady and her faith in God and in her family did not waiver. We never heard her say a bad word against anyone. We saw her help people who did not deserve it and we saw her love people who took advantage of her. She always worked at bringing her family together and then would sit and enjoy the show. Even on her last day, we gathered with her and sang, told stories, looked at pictures and laughed.  We know she was happy with that. She was a beat in our family that was strong and steady and one that we will continue to hear and feel even though she has gone on. We have all been blessed to know and love her.”


From Chad Dixon's Facebook tribute: ..... My mother's outward appearance of beauty was apparent for all to see, but her beauty was deeper than her skin. Mom embodied beauty by the qualities of love that she possessed and freely gave to all around her. The source of her beauty was her heart. The Bible tells us that the heart is the wellspring of life and her heart poured forth an abundance of love in her lifetime, gushing forth the virtues of forgiveness, patience, service, kindness, compassion, concern, sympathy, joy, peace, goodness, faithfulness, loyalty, gentleness, and self-control as if their were no end to them. Mom's stream of these virtues seemed to constantly flow forth........    .....In all this, and through all this, my mother was beautiful. She taught what beauty was. She embraced the beauty within everyone around her and focused solely on that element of the individual, choosing to look past our ugly habits that annoy and turn so many away. My mother embodied beauty. And as we have now laid her to rest, it is my wish that each of us would think about how much more beautiful each one of us are for having known Judy Dixon; that we would be so bold as to share that beauty and seek for that beauty in others, even when it's hard, as my mother did. My mother had true beauty, which is so much more than good looks and outward appearance, although she had that too, it is inward strength and moral purity. Inward strength derives from the choice of moral purity. It's something that we can all be in Christ.


These are but a few of the words that described Judy.  We miss her, her influence, her stabilizing factor on those around her, and her kind spirit.





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