"Hard Work Changes Things..."

                                                ...Coach Joe Bill Dixon

Joe Bill Dixon’s Wilderness Running Camps

Joe Bill Dixon's Wilderness Running Camps are a great way for you to improve your running ability and attitude. Three sessions are offered to accommodate your summer schedules. Each session has its own unique personality, but each session is equally effective.  They all offer you a wealth of running knowledge and can all boost your upcoming cross-country season.



Wilderness Running Camp at Camp Trinity-New Haven, MO

June 25-29, 2017

Wilderness Running Camp at Camp Trinity in New Haven, MO.. This camp offers a unique setting as well as a scenic bike ride along the Katy Trail in addition to all of the team games, competitions, speaker sessions, and daily runs that are offered at the other Wilderness Running Camps.


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Wilderness Running Camp on the Norfork River near West Plains, MO  - July 9-13, 2017

Runners will spend four days on the banks of the North Fork River where they will participate in daily runs, highly competitive games, instructional and motivational speaker sessions and recreational activities involving the river.


         In 2017 There is ONLY ONE SESSION on the Norfork River!


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